Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Mal was ganz anderes... / And now for something completely different...

Jackie Morris hat auch einen spannenden Wettbewerb ins Leben gerufen. den hab ich leider erst spät entdeckt, aber hoffentlich nicht zu spät::

Jackie Morris started an interesting competition which I found a little late....though not too late, I hope:

Drawing a line in time: A test, a competition, a question: or, what is in ...: When I visit schools I take with me a number of 'props'. One is a necklace that I wear most of the time anyway, a silver bottle with red s...

Meine Antwort:
My answer ( ...and if you find any mistakes, please don´t keep them, but tell me... ;o):

What´s inside this bottle you keep asking me?
Come sit by my side and together we´ll see.
Put the tip of your finger on its silvery skin
Close your eyes, come to rest, send your mind wandering:

There´s a  small dragon´s eyelash to wipe off your tears,
Two hyena teeth to crush all your fears,
A dewdrop and breadcrumb which wondrously feed
All creatures on earth, wherever, in need.

A butterfly´s wing, blue, purple and gold,
To sweep away lies as soon as they´re told.
A green spider´s web to catch every word
Of malice before it can even be heard.
And the spider itself,  with its eyes shining bright,
Devouring those words with big appetite!

A sparkle of sunlight from a red squirrel`s fur
And the comfort that lies in the ginger cat´s purr
A Wensleydale`s forelock to wrap yourself in
When summer fades out and the cold times begin.
A snowflake to melt on the tip of your tongue
With your favourite flavours all assembled in one.
And not to forget the firefly´s light
To make out  your friends in the dark of the night.

What did I forget? Let me think for a while…
Yes, you are right: A kiss and a smile!

All this is inside it, and I guess even more
Of memories and fancies and stories galore
All this holds the bottle, or won´t you agree?
For inside is all that your heart makes you see.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Not too late, but too late to win as my heart went to the very first answer that was put on minutes after I posted, the single word, Truth. But... I love what you have written and would like to send you some cards as a thank you. Your words warmed me on a cold day.
    So send me your address and I will put cards in the post to you.